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Anita Bost

Vice President, Certified Financial Planner ™

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Anita graduated from Virginia Tech with a BA in Communications with the expectation that she would become a television reporter. Frankly, she never felt particularly inspired by finance or mathematics, however she admits, “Once you put a dollar sign in front of a math equation, it became much more relevant.”

Today she uses her communication and reporting skills to gather information for her clients and present it in a format they can digest, comprehend, and use to take specific action. It may not be televised, but her work has a much greater impact on her clients’ lives than what they may see on the evening news.

To Anita’s colleagues and clients, she is a highly organized, knowledgeable and resourceful problem-solver – someone who will provide a methodical process to work on any question or problem a client may have and to help them find a solution or answer. She is often described as the quintessential “Type A” personality, a label which may appropriately be renamed “Type Anita” for the purposes of demonstrating its characteristics in person.

Anita’s penchant for accountability is captured perfectly in her own advice: “Don’t rely on others to be responsible for you and your work. Take ownership of everything you do,” she says. “If you are working with others, follow up to ensure their part is completed and done correctly. If not, you will be the one left explaining what went wrong.”

The source of these characteristics is also very clear. Anita views her clients as more than clients; they are friends to whom she feels a huge responsibility. They entrust her with their assets, and she wants them to know that she thinks about that responsibility even when she’s not in the office.

“Everyone here has a common goal,” she says, “to provide the best service possible. It is like family, from your co-workers to our clients.”

Anita is an avid traveller, who enjoys learning new languages, discovering new red wines, and cheering on her beloved Hokies in her free time. She lives with her husband, Jim, in New Kent.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot accomplish. Persistence is a great equalizer.”
- Anita Bost

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