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Stephen T. Clarke

Managing Director, Certified Investment Management Analyst ™
Founding partner of Heartwood Wealth Advisors

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A native of Calgary, Canada, Steve graduated from the University of Richmond with a double major in French and International Studies, with a minor in Economics. Steve assumed he would eventually have a traditional career in business, but for his education, he chose to focus on a liberal arts degree rather than a business degree.

“I loved Political Science. I found the study of government and international relations to be fascinating,” he says. “I thought a liberal arts degree would better prepare me for my career than a degree in business. Learning to write, learning to think critically, and learning to communicate and express ideas is best learned in the classroom.”

Steve’s critical thinking and communication skills are among the greatest assets he brings to Heartwood, and perhaps chief among his communication skills is Steve’s ability to listen carefully.

“You can’t help people if you don’t listen to them,” Steve says.“Too many advisors want to jump to the solution – or worse, just sell something – without really taking the time to listen to their clients.”

Having spent seventeen years with the Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group before co-founding Heartwood, Steve believes in treating his clients the way you would want your family members to be treated. He maintains his focus on the client’s best interests by adhering to three simple rules:

1. When you start a job, finish it.
2. Always be transparent and candid in your interactions with people.
3. When you make a commitment, you keep it – no matter how hard.

“Heartwood has an entrepreneurial spirit,” Steve says, when asked about what makes Heartwood special. “We are all working towards a common goal. We’re in this together.”

Steve and his wife, Patricia, live in Richmond with their four children, Grace, Phillip, Betsy, and Andrew. Steve enjoys golf, ice hockey, and trail running.

“I am motivated to build an organization that is the absolute best at what it does. That means building a culture that reflects our values and our convictions of how our employees and clients should be treated. ”
- Stephen T. Clarke

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