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Tricia H. Mustico

Senior Client Associate

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Tricia is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in English. As an avid reader and writer, she thought she would enjoy a career in teaching. However, her first job after graduating was working at a brokerage firm, which was fast-paced and presented new challenges that engaged Tricia’s interest. She hasn’t looked back since.

Tricia believes that a strong work ethic is necessary for success in anything you do – a principle she attributes to her parents. She recently completed her first Triathlon, maintaining a disciplined, 4-month routine of waking at 5:30am to train before a hectic work day & family responsibilities. She plans to continue competing in Triathlons.

The rigorous discipline Tricia demonstrated in training is the same discipline she brings to her work every day at Heartwood and the attention to detail she provides to her clients.

“Follow up and follow through. These two things are so simple but vitally important,” Tricia advises. “It surprises me how few people actually do this and it stands out when people do. It shows you really care about doing your job well.”

Tricia has a deep appreciation for the fact that small mistakes often can create very big problems. She takes great care in serving our clients.

“I care about each client. I want them to feel comfortable and confident in the job I do and the service I provide. It is important to me that they know I care about getting things right. I will follow up and follow through, and I’m never too busy for even the smallest request.”

Tricia’s dedication to her clients is emblematic of Heartwood as a company.

Tricia and her husband, Rich, live in Richmond with their two children, Ben and Andy.

“I am excited to be a part of this firm and want to fulfill my role in helping it grow.”
- Tricia H. Mustico

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